Revolver New York

The Marker San Francisco

Housed in the “Tendernob" district of San Francisco, in the former home of Hotel Bellevue — the handsomest hotel in America at the time it was built in 1910 — The Marker is where opulent history and expressive energy collide. Revolver New York created a brand identity for The Marker that was inspired by its neighborhood’s theatrical, creative roots.

A stone’s throw from The Geary Theater (built in the same year as the hotel), at the intersection of the Tenderloin’s urban grit and Nob Hill’s bohemian charm, blocks from bustling Union Square, The Marker’s neighborhood has a quirky character entirely its own. This is where Orson Welles attended the premiere of Citizen Kayne; where the first Transgender riot in America occurred in 1966 (four years before Stonewall); where Hitchcock filmed Vertigo; and where drag legends (such as Juanita More) have lived and performed for years.

Today, The Marker’s unique charm is characterized both by its elevated beginnings and the vibrant, expressive culture that has come to define the area ever since.


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