Revolver New York

Mission Court Grip

Court Grip™ is an NBA endorsed proprietary formula and delivery system that is applied to the bottom of sneakers to increase traction on dusty, worn-out courts. Founder Mark French approached Revolver New York when Court Grip™ was only an idea. From then on, Revolver played a vital role in the development of Court Grip™ from conception to completion – working not only on the brand identity and award-winning package design, but also on product development, patents, and all advertisements associated with Foot Locker’s $4 Million marketing campaign (the highest budget ever for a sports accessory). Our in-stadium signage and online, print and catalogue ads led to record-breaking sales and Mission Athletecare being named the Sports Marketer of the Year for 2012.

Revolver New York was instrumental in Court Grip™ becoming the fastest selling sports accessory in sports retail history. ESPN, CNBC and DIME Magazine have all credited Court Grip™ as one of the most dynamic innovations in the industry. 

Honors and Awards
• NACD Packaging Awards, April 2012
Mission Athletecare named the Sports Marketer of the Year for 2012
WorldStar Packaging Award, January 2013

Notable Press

ESPN Playbook, Court Grip increases traction for ballers, November 11, 2012

• NYSportsJournalism,com, Big Score: Mission Athletecare Named The 2012 Sports Marketer Of The Year, January 11, 2013