Revolver New York

Mission Athletecare

Revolver New York re-branded Mission Skincare as Mission Athletecare to house the product Court Grip™, for which Revolver designed the award-winning packaging. Mission Athletecare is now a line of personal care products specifically designed for athletes, endorsed by athletes and partially created by athletes—many of whom are also stakeholders. When the New York-based Mission Athletecare brought a new consumer category to market three years ago it also brought a new style of athlete endorsement. Dwane Wade of the Miami Heat didn't just go on ESPN's SportsCenter to talk about Mission Athletecare’s Court Grip, he tried out a half-dozen successive versions and then suggested a more user-friendly redesign of the applicator. "It becomes part of me," Wade said, "rather than me being part of it."

• Global Brand Identity
• Product Design & Brand Identities
• Packaging Design
• Social Media Design
• Website Design

Honors and Awards

• Mission Athletecare named the Sports Marketer of the Year for 2012

Notable Press

• ESPN Playbook, Court Grip increases traction for ballers, November 11, 2012

• NYSportsJournalism,com, Big Score: Mission Athletecare Named The 2012 Sports Marketer Of The Year, January 11, 2013